30/09/2007 - 10:00

Mick Jagger: "As pessoas são muito complexas"

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O Independent entrevistou Mick Jagger a respeito do seu novo álbum, que será lançado no dia 2 de outubro. O título da matéria é bom: “Mick Jagger: Why he likes hard work and thinks his parents’ generation were the real rebels“. Um dos temas da conversa é inédito: “Does he think that Brian Jones was unlawfully killed? His firm “No” is stretched over four syllables, making me think that he has been keen to put an end to 38 years of conspiracy theories, articles and books about his erstwhile bandmate’s drowning in a swimming pool. “I know of no evidence to suggest that it was anything but an accident. It might make a good book, but I have seen no evidence whatsoever.”

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